Monday August 26th

REMEMBER THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO GET SIGNED UP FOR THE NUTRITION CHALLENGE. Even if you missed the meetings we can still set you up on the apps and give you the information you need. It’s also the last week for the Check-In Challenge, we pick that $100 Winner on Sunday September 1st.

Warm Up:
3 Minute Row-Bike-Run
2 Rounds
6 Cossack Squats
5 MedBall Clean
4 Empty Bar Strict Press

8 Minute EMOM
4 DB Rows Each Arm
6 DB Strict Press
8 DB Floor Press
1 Max Se of Pull Ups

Wallballs 30/20
Box Jump Overs
Russian KB Swings (53/35)

Be smart on how you are going to go through those heavier wallball sets. Challenge yourself to use one heavier than you normally use BUT still use one where you are hitting the target.