Monday April 8th

3 Rounds
Run 100
1:00 banded glute walks
5 squat jumps
8 empty bar back squats (add weight to bar in the last 2 rounds if you want)

Take 20:00 minutes to Establish a 1RM Back Squat

Today, we are tackling a 1RM Back Squat. The ideal rep scheme to follow would be to hit
5 reps @ 50%, 3 Reps @ 60%, 2 Reps @ 70%, then hit singles all the way up until
102%. In order to do this appropriately the correct weight jump should be from about
95% up to 102%, rather than hitting a larger jump.
Building up in the way we suggested allows for the right amount of weight jumps and
reps to prime the system without fatiguing it along the way

“400 for 40”
For Time:
400m Run
40 Back Squats 135/95lb, 61/43kg
400m Run
Time: 6:00-8:00 minutes
Time Cap: 10:00 minutes

Primary Objective: Complete the workout in under 8:00 minutes
Secondary Objective: Complete the Back Squats in 2 sets or less.
Stimulus: Leg Stamina

Athlete Notes + Workout Strategy:
Let’s burn this one down!
The goal here will be to hit a strong pace on the run and get right into the Back Squats … the Back Squats can be taken from the floor if you are comfortable doing that.
We are ideally choosing a load that allows us to complete the sets in 2 sets or less, which would look like 25-15 or 20-20 before embarking on another 400m run. The second run is likely to start a little
sluggish, but the goal here will be to pick it up to a sprint finish by the final 200m. We are
aiming to complete each run in sub 2:00 minutes and the Back Squats in around 2:00 minutes as well. This is where we get the 6:00 minute time domain with the thought that
transitions might make this take a little longer.

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