Monday April 29th

Warm up
2 rounds 150m Row, 10 PVC Good Mornings, 8 Lunges, 10 doubles or attempts

As a group- We will do 2 sets of 10 deadlifts with only 10’s are on your
On your own do 2-3 more sets to work your way to your first working weight.

Then 5Reps @75% 3@80% 5@75% 3@85% 5@80% 3@90%
Use your correct the percentages. this should be heavy. Don’t “Save it for the wod.” The wod is a sprint

Wod- Review KB snatch before wod- this wod is a sprint
Ring Dips
KB Snatches Alternating (53/35 rx -35/25 int -25/20 beg)
**20 Doubles between Each Round including after the round of 9