Friday October 30th

Back squat warm up
5 sets of 5 at 90 percent of Mondays Weight
We will be getting into weights now where you might not get 5 by 5 at 90, build up to your weight and make an attempt. If it ends up being one or 2 reps, drop back and hit 5 by 5 at 80 or 85 percent

AMRAP 8 Minutes
8 Power Snatch 75/55lbs
8 Pull Ups

Target score is 6 rounds or more. Pick a weight you can cycle through all the power snatches on almost every round

Extra- theres rings outside if we are out of time inside
Every 4:00 for 4 Rounds
1 Set of Muscle Ups* *Goal is picking a repeatable set
Practice your false grip pull and turnover + dip on the low rings for 10 minutes.