Friday November 8th

Lets make this edition of FNL the biggest yet!! Remember heats will be going off from 4 to around 7:15p.m. Come out and cheer on those going through 20.5 and help everyone do their best.

-If you are not registered for the open it will still be the workout for you class, you just won’t need a judge to score your workout.
If you are registered we will set you up with a judge to verify your score.
-Friday Night Lights will start at 4pm and we will run heats of the workout until 7:15pm.
-There will time Saturday from 8am-10am to do the workout if you are registered. The space will be first come first serve and you will have to set up your own judge.
-There will a chance to redo or complete the workout Sunday BUT THERE WILL ONLY BE TIMES FOR 1ST ATTEMPTS MONDAY, NO REDOS

For those registered for The Open make sure to check the standards and movement requirements by CICKING HERE and clicking the ‘WORKOUTS” tab Or by checking the Train Harder Facebook Page

For time, partitioned any way:
40 Ring Muscle-Ups
80-Calorie Row
120 Wall-ball Shots 20/14
**Time cap: 20 min.
–Coaches Notes–
For those who are newer the word “Partitioned” means that you can break this workout up however you would like and for what will fit you best (Example-Doing 10 Muscle ups, then 20 Calories, then 40 Wallballs. or Starting with the wallballs and going to the calories). The tiebreak for the workout is the time that it takes you to complete all 80 Calories on the Rower and all 120 Wallball shots. So even if you haven’t gotten your ring muscle up yet you can still go RX for this and try to get those 2 movements done as fast as you can. Go to the link above to look at the standards and specific progressions for the movements.