Friday May 25th

Warm up
400 Meter Partner Run with Wall Ball, 40 Partner Wall Balls
40 Weighted good mornings (ball or empty bar)

New Strength Cycle Starts this week.
***Add 10 pounds onto your back squat and deadlift 1 rep max and 5 pounds onto your press and bench press max. THAT IS YOUR NEW NUMBER, take 90 percent of that number and refill in your chart! The last 3 sets of every week are THE MOST IMPORTANT. Try as hard as you can. Make notes in your chart above so you can look back at your results.

Strength Deadlift

AMRAP at 85% should be more than 5.

4 Rounds For Time
10 Power Cleans 185/135
200 meter run
5 Rings Muscle ups (Sub 7 bar muscle ups, 12 Pull ups)