Friday May 10th

400m Run
40 second Dead-Hang or 20/20 Single Arm Hang
30/30 second Kettlebell Hip Shift
1:00 minute Alternating 90-90 Hip Switch
10/10 x 90-90 Get-ups
Specific Warm-Up
2 Sets, For Quality
10/10m high knees/butt kicks
20 Bear Plank Shoulder Taps
10 Scapular Pull-Ups
20 second Glute Bridges

“Candy Land”
3 Sets, For Time
200m Run
10 Pull-Ups
20 Push-Ups
30 Air Squats
400m Run
30 Air Squats
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups
200m Run
Rest 2:00 between sets
Goal: 7:00-9:00 minutes/ Round, 25:00-30:00 Total
Time Cap: 40 minutes

Primary Objective: Complete each set in the goal time domain of 7:00-9:00 minutes
Secondary Objective: Maintain 5k running pace or around 87-90% of Maximum heart rate
Stimulus: Murph Prep / Lactate Threshold and Muscular Stamina
RPE: 9/10 Push the Pace!
Athlete Notes + Workout Strategy
We should start the first 200m run at around 5k pace before coming back in the door to
tackle a set of 10 Pull-Ups, 20 Push-Ups, 30 Air Squats, then back out the door at the
same pace for the 400m Run, before descending the ladder of 30 Air Squats, 20
Push-Ups, and 10 Pull-Ups before finally tackling a 200m Run Sprint. With this strategy we
should be able to maintain a quick and consistent pace across all sets.

PRVN Yoga Flow
Click the green text to see the flow!

2 Rounds

Right Leg + Left Leg

:15 second Down Dog

:30 second Low Lunge

:15 second Elbow to Knee and Rotate

:15 second Reach to Sky and Hold

:30 second Half Kneeling Hamstring Stretch

:30 second Pigeon

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