Friday March 1st

The CrossFit Open Starts today! What is the CrossFit Open?
Here is a short explanation.
Yesterday at noon, CrossFit headquarters released the first of 3 Crossfit Open Workouts. CrossFit gyms all over the world will be doing this workout today. We will be doing the workout as the class workout at 5a, 6am, 9am and 10am. then we will run heats of the workout for Friday Night Lights from 4pm to 7pm
If you register for the open at (you don’t have to register but its a lot of fun so you should)
a classmate or coach will be your judge for the workout tomorrow. They will count your reps for you and hold you to the basic standards of the movements. They will record your score on paper then you will enter your score in online. I go in and verify that score and you get to see where you stack up against people all over the world in your specific age/proficiency group. There are beginner, scaled, and RX divisions so you can participate no matter your skill level.

You’re doing the workout anyway, you might as well sign up!