Friday June 25th

Barbell clean warm up


EMOM 15 Minutes
R1-5: 3 Power Position Power Cleans
R6-10: 2 Power Cleans, above knee*
R11-15 1 Power Clean, below knee**

Additional Notes/Resources: Athletes do not need to drop and reset in the Power Position cleans in rounds 1-5.
In Rounds 6-15, all reps start on the floor, and athletes pause for a full 1-second count at the position indicated.
*Pause 1-3″ off the floor AND just above the knee before cleaning.
**Pause 1-3″ off the floor, then clean.

2 options for the Wod today, a little bit different stimulus on each one

Option 1-
30 Clean and Jerks for time 135/95
*this is workout is “send” pace or pretty close to send

Option 2
Triple Grace with a partner
90 Clean and jerks for time
**Must perform a minimum of 3 clean and jerks before you switch partners.

Chest to bar pull ups
wall balls
no necessarily for speed. for quality reps whether you are doing butterflies, kipping, strict, banded pull ups, or ring rows