Friday July 3rd

The gym closes for the weekend at 4pm today. No night classes.
Enjoy your holiday!

Warm up-
Barbell specific
3 Rounds
Minute 1 – 10 snatch grip high pulls
Minute 2- 5 Hang power snatch- Plus overhead squats
Minute 3 -5 Full snatches from the shin

15 minutes to work on this complex
1 power snatch from the floor
1 Squat snatch from the hang
1 over head squat
Use this as a heavier session if you are experienced in this lift OR if you are newer to this use this as a lighter technique session. go through your movements, don’t worry about weight. If you are struggling to move well with light weight, there is no need to add weight.

Wod (Option 1)
Amanda .45
Ring Muscle Ups (sub bar muscle ups if you have the weight, but ring is rx)
Full Snatches 135/95
(16 minute time cap)
**if you can get some bar muscle ups, get those, then switch to chest to bar pull ups when you start to slow down. You can even do a few bar muscle ups per round then switch to pull ups.

Wod (Option 2)
16 minute amrap
8 Pull ups
8 ring or bench dips
8 Power Snatches 115/85 or 20 DB snatches