Friday July 31st

Olympic Weightlifting Day
Class will be different today. If you really don’t feel like doing the Weightlifting you can row or run 5k or 10k

Here is how today will work
The first 10 minutes of class we will be going over and doing a warmup that covers the clean and jerk and the snatch

You will then have 10 minutes to build up to heavy snatch
We will reset the clock and you will 10 minutes to perform 3 of your heaviest attempts at the Snatch. Kind of like a weightlifting meet. When you are ready to make an official attempt tell the coach. You only get 3 attempts in those 10 minutes.

At the end of 10 minutes take weight off your bar and you will have 10 minute to warm up for your 3 clean and jerk attempts.

Clock will be reset to 10 minutes and you have 3 attempts at that lift.

Have to stay on schedule for this as it’s going to take the entire hour. Be on time for this class or wait until the next class.