Friday July 26th

Warm up
Run 800m then meet as a class- We all want you to go all out on this “Fight Gone Bad” wod
To warm up we will be reviewing the movements except the row
12 Minute emom
1- 7 wall balls
2- 7 empty bar sumo high pulls
3- 7 Empty bar push press
4- 4 box jumps

You will now have about 10 minutes to get organized and get ready for the wod. Classes with more than 8 we will have people start a separate stations. No matter what station you start on follow the order the on the board.

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds 1 Min Max Effort Stations
1-Wallballs 20/14
2-SDHP 75/55
3-Box Jump 24/20
4-Push Press 75/55
5-Cal Row max