Friday January 3rd

Warm Up:
2 rounds
10 Cal row
5 strict pull up or banded strict
10 Squats
5 Empty bar press

Strength 12 Minutes
Every OTHER minute on the minute
10 Strict presses.
This is going to end being 60 presses in 12 minutes. Test out the weight before you start. 50 percent of 1 rep max.. 60 percent maybe?

WOD- “Detox”
Let’s get all this holiday food and drink out of our system.
30 Minute Amprap
20 Cal on any machine Switch it up
20 Burpees over your bar
1 Sled Push Down and Back (100m)
10 Deadlifts 135/95
10 Power cleans 135/95
*pick a weight you can touch and go or do fast singles.
use one bar only with one weight, deadlifts should be light and fast.