Friday January 21st

Wods below will be the wods for Friday Night Lights tonight, but if you can’t make it out (we really really really suggest you do, even if its just hang out) you can do the wods during class

Train Harder CrossFit Wod
Regular class times in the morning
We will run heats of 8 from 4 to 6:30 for Friday Night Lights

Wod has 2 scores
On a continuous 10 minute clock
Wod 1 (score 1) 7 Minutes Amrap
7 Thrusters 95/65
Hand Release Burpees over your bar
Rest 1 Minute then Immediately into wod 2 (score 2)
2 Minute max cals on the skier

Train Harder Barbell Club Floater Wod
If you are doing during class you will have time to get both wods done.
If you are coming to Friday Night Lights Floater can be done on the platform anytime between 4 and 6:30

6 Minutes to establish a 1 rep max of this complex without dropping the bar
1 Clean (power or squat)
1 Shoulder to Overhead (press, push press, push jerk or split jerk)
3 Front squats
1 Hang clean (squat or power)