Friday February 3rd

5 sets of 5- we’re not going for world records here. We are working on form. Goal is to build up slow and get to a weight thats a little heavier than you are going to use for the wod then drop back down to your wod weight and get ready for 20 minutes of awesomeness.

20 Minute Amrap
10 deadlifts 275/185
15 burpees
400 meter run

**I know many of you are capable of doing the RX weight.. but are you capable of doing it for reps? Good reps? If your reps are looking ugly coaches will take weight off while you are running. We are interested in keeping you safe.
1. Is your back round— fix it (straighten it), you can’t fix it.. the weight is way too heavy. I know a lot of you can get your back in perfect position with a simple “Straighten your back” cue. That’s fine.. but if you cant get that back flat, the bar is too heavy.
2. can you control the weight on the way down or do you collapse like you’re made of rubber. If you cant stay tight and under control on the way down you shouldnt be picking that bar up.
3. Are you driving your knees out? if you look like you have Bambi legs (knees caving) the bar is way too heavy….. and your new nickname will be Bambi.