Friday December 23rd

Remember we are closed Saturday and Sunday. Merry Christmas Everyone. Spend sometime outside the gym!
We are open Monday.

Friday 12/23
Warm Up
2 Rounds
100m Run
15 Singles
10 Burpees
:15 Prove It Round
3 Med Ball Sams
10 Double Unders
5 Sit Ups

:20 WOD
5 sets
1:00 Max Med Ball Slams (50/30) or lighter sandbag over shoulder.
1:00 Max Double Unders
1:00 Max Abmat Sit Ups
1:00 Rest

:40 EXTRA Accessory Work
4 sets
10 barbell curls (lightweight)
10 barbell/DB skull crushers (light weight)
-Rest 1 min between sets
*Pick a weight that you can do unbroken.

:55 Cool Down
Childs Pose
Figure Four