Friday August 4th

Spirit week STARTS MONDAY!!!!

Friday WOD

Warm Up-
Row 500, Run 800, Bike 5 minutes. Grab a bar, do at least 20 light light light deadlifts before you jump into your sets.. you only get 1 spine… be kind to your spine.

Deadlift City-

Wod 15 minutes
10 deadlifts 225/155
Run 200
5 Ring Muscle ups

if you have a few muscle ups but not 5 adjust the reps, trying to avoid complete stoppage during the wod, switch it to less ring MU, like 3… If you dont have 3 fast ring muscle ups switch to 5 bar muscle ups.. if you dont have 5 fast bar muscle ups switch to 3, if you don’t have 3 fast bar muscle ups.. switch to 1 and then do 5 chest to bars to complete the round.. the idea is to keep moving.. its not about “RX” its about adjusting to keep intensity up… its all about intensity during the wods…