Friday August 2nd


Friday August 2nd

Need a little Cardio in your life
These sets in the wod are meant to be at your top effort each round. Depending on what option you pick, here is the effort we are looking for
Bike- Not a beach cruiser pace, if you can talk, you are going too slow
Run-able to talk= too slow.. sprinting until you have to walk=too fast, find a fast pace you can maintain for 800m
Row- Talking? too slow, having to rest because you are going too fast is too fast. Keep a quick pace, a little bit slower than a sprint

Warm up

5 mins of Run/Bike/Row
THEN 3 Rounds 200 m Shuttle Run (2×100 m, increase speed each round)
25 m High Knees
25 m Butt Kicks
10 Walking Lunges

3 Rounds:
Run 800m For Time
OR 3x1000m Row
OR 3×1 Mile Bike)
**Rest as needed between efforts, dont go much over 1:1 rest to work ratio, but make sure you are fully recovered