Friday April 5th

Long warm up today
15:00 minutes, For Quality
1:00 minute Cardio Choice
15 Banded Goodmornings
15 second Active Tuck Hang
8 Inchworm to Hollow
10 Hollow Rocks
30 second Wall Supported Handstand Hold


“The Octagon”
3 Sets for Total Reps:
1 Minute Bar Facing Burpee
1 Minute Deadlift
1 Minute Toes to Bar
1 Minute Shoulder to Overhead
1 Minute Calorie Echo BIke
1 Minute Rest
Barbell: 155/105

Goal: 55-65 Reps / Set
Primary Objective: Maintain a rep range of 10+ for all movements
Secondary Objective: Pick a movement you are particularly challenged with and lean into
that one today without regard to it affecting the other movements. If you are limited in Toe
to Bar, challenge yourself and work to have that be the minute that you really put the
energy into.

Stimulus: Muscular Stamina / Repetition Work/ Volume
Athlete Notes + Workout Strategy
We would like you to take this workout, less as a test, but more as a training stimulus to
see where you can place your energy and effort today. If machines are a limiter typically,
let’s focus on hitting the bike to our full capacity, knowing that this may even limit the other
movements as it will increase fatigue across all sets. If Shoulder to Overhead tend to be a
limiter, lets focus our efforts there and hit the reps with quality and try to work the entire
minute. This will help us shift our focus from just competing to training and help develop
our limiters within a workout that looks the same for all athletes, but can be very different
depending on the movements each athlete chooses to focus on