Friday April 17th

Warm up

5 Minute slow run
40 squats
30 push ups
20 rows or pull ups

Friday Run Day! Go for a few short controlled sprints so you dont pull a hammy.
We want you to complete this running sequence
4x400m with 2 minute breaks in between. What is this suppsoed to feel like? go all out on your 400 meter run.. rest 2 minutes and go all out again.
four 400m runs is 1 mile.

20 Minutes EMOM (5 rounds)
Minute 1- Max Dumbbell Floor or barbell press
Minute 2-Max strict pull ups, or banded strict pull ups or bent over rows
Minute 3-Max double unders or singles or jumping jacks
Minute 4-Rest

Go all out in during your 3 minutes of work. For max floor presses or rows switch arms every 5 reps if you are using a single dumbbell.