Tuesday March 21st

The gym is closed for a week or two but here is your at home workout

Warm up
6 minutes amrap
10 Air Squats  
6 A Frame Toe Touches 
30 Second run (15 seconds out 15 back)

Bench Press 5×5 at 65 percent
If you have access to a bench use it. If not pick a repeatable number of push ups you can do (5-15) every minute on the 7 minutes


AMRAP 12 Minutes 
Dumbbell Power Cleans 50/35s  (can be done with barbell or single DB alternating hang)
Dumbbell Front Squats  (can be done with barbell or single db)
Burpee Over DB or barbell

  • Target number of reps: 108+ reps (finish the round of 11) 
  • Stimulus is strategic, steady pacing with planned rests as reps increase. Any metcon with ascending rep schemes will be a mental challenge just as much as a physical one. Athletes should be smart in beginning this workout and not be baited into going so fast that it can’t be maintained across the entire 12 minutes of this AMRAP. 

Want to Spice? Accessory Work 

4 sets for Quality 
100ft Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Carry (each side – as heavy as possible) 
– rest as needed between sets-