Thursday November 5th

Warm up
2 Rounds
7 of each movement in the strength section
AND 7 strict press to get those shoulders ready for the HSPU or variation.
We will give you time to get some weight on your bar for the first movement of the strength.

EMOM 12 – adding weight each movement, this is not for a 1 rep max, moderately heavy weights. Really hard work, with a pretty short rest.
Minutes 1-4: 3 Power Position Squat Clean
Minutes 5-8: 2 Above Knee Squat Clean
Minutes 9-12: 1 Below Knee Squat Clean (just off the ground)

EMOM for 16 minutes, rotating movements
1: 12 Pistols or 24 air squats
2:10 burpees
3: 8 strict HSPU or sub kipping HSPU or dB press
4: Max Distance 10m Shuttle Runs
*** Score is your reps of shuttle runs, every 10m is a rep

Want to get warmed up for those pistols. This is a good video!